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Tuesday, 5 April 2005
My house needs Merry Maids
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Feels like I haven't been here forever. Last week was nuts! Wednesday I went to my BFF's grandmother's funeral. Thursday we left for K.C. (Yes filegirl I was on your turf!) Mom, Jeri (little sis, joe dirt) and I were on a mission. To go thru all my grand-dad's closets, take down all his pictures and mainly just pack up as much as possible. (Can't remember if I told ya, but grand-dad is moving down here) Thursday night he took us to 54th steet (correct me if I'm wrong on the name filegirl) had an awesome steak and a huge margarita. Let's just say that they should not put girls who are 5-2 on a barstool that is taller than that. I swear the waiter had to boost me up there! So, after alot of laughs and alot of eating we headed to Wal-Mart for bubble wrap. Poor granddad didn't realize when he sent us three girls in that he'd be in the car for awhile. It's strange though that every Wal-Mart has different stuff. It had to be looked at! We got home and went to bed fairly early, because my mom gets up at the butt-crack of dawn and so did we Friday. By 6:30 we were packing. We worked all day. ALL DAY we did not stop. Friday about 4 dad walks in and starts helping us load what we can into his truck. Granddad took us out to Red Lobster Friday night. Thank goodness Red Lobster doesn't have bar stools to sit on because I would have just sat in the floor, rather than climb 2 foot. We got back and went to bed about 10. BEECCCAAAUUUSSSEEE my parents get up at the butt-crack of dawn. They thought it was funny to send their little dog (Scooby) to wake Jeri and I up. It was funny until I found out it was before 6. Geez! No kids, no husband and we're up that early? Old people are confusing! Anyhoo, we're up and have most everything loaded and I talk granddad into getting a small uhaul trailer. I figure the more we move this time, the less we have next time. So him and dad go get the trailer and we clean up the house. When they get back we load the trailer with recliners, T.V.'s, china hutches, more boxes and all the stuff we got! (by the way, I will never have to buy another kitchen thing in my life!) We finally head home about noon. We get to Miami and unload everything. We unpack boxes and do as much as our tired bodies would allow. Everyone goes home. Personally I went straight to bed and slept....until 10 on Sunday........or 9 whatever hell time it was. Guess I didn't make it to church. I kept thinking all day sunday that I needed to work on laundry. But I swear I couldn't move. Well, mom and I must be glutons for punishment, because yesterday we were back up at the duplex hanging all granddad's pictures. We got so much done yesterday. Granddad went back to K.C. Sunday to start packing up his tools in the garage and he's coming back down either Wednesday or Thursday. So, today I have to get some laundry done. I keep waiting for the laundry fairy to get it done, but I think she just keeps muliplying it. I HATE LAUNDRY.

But I gotta go do it now.............
I'll finish later and tell some of the funny things that happened in K.C.

Posted by magnetladyok at 11:46 AM EDT

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