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Redneck Diva
Confessions of the Magnet Lady
Thursday, 24 March 2005
Opps I forgot something
I forgot to tell you, I cut my hair off. Right above my shoulders. It's cute and it feels about 50 lbs. lighter. I have the thickest hair. I'm not complaining, but it is thick!

Posted by magnetladyok at 9:39 AM EST

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I get my dog back today. For those of you who don't know...she had her tubes tied. Poor thing never even had the chance to have a little fun. That's a good thing though, because I do not want little pups running around. She'll just have to be happy with chewing on and playing with her toys. I've really missed her. It was sad when I took her because she really remembers that that is the place she had her surgery on her eyes. I had her on her leash and boy as soon as I opened that door, she hightailed it the other way. Then she shook and shook. Poor baby. She was probably thinking "I don't know why she keeps bringing me here. All I know is when I wake up I hurt and she's no where around.........stupid bitch!" I hope she doesn't think that but I wouldn't blame her either. I can't believe how attached I've gotten to her. Maybe that's my way of having "I want another baby" thing. Even though I've never wanted another human baby. When I was a little girl I always said I wanted only two kids, a boy first and then a girl. That's exactly what I did. Don't know how, but I did. It could have been changing partners in between the two. Have you ever noticed that if a woman has a baby by one man and then changes it's normally the opposite sex? I've thought about that alot and I've only come up with a few that didn't do that. Just something to ponder.

Mr. Magnet starts his new job Monday. He's excited. I'm excited (all except the extra gas to go to Joplin everyday) My Lord gas is ridiculas. I can't believe it. I remember being a kid and mom and dad loving the gas situation because of gas wars. Does anyone else remember that? They were paying like $.15 a gallon. What I wouldn't do for the gas war gods to come down and wave their mighty fists and say "This is enough ripping people off!" hmmmm.....oh Mr. Magnet's job. So, he's all pumped about his job and guess who calls him yesterday for an interview? Grand Lake Casino. They want him to deal blackjack. I was afraid he'd say... set up the interview. But what he really said was....they should have called a month ago. Yeah! That means I can still go to my favorite casino!!!

I gotta go take my shower. I'm going to the church to help greet people and hear a serman. Then...I'm going to get my dogggggggg!!!!!


Posted by magnetladyok at 9:35 AM EST
Monday, 21 March 2005
my toes, my toes!
Mood:  a-ok
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I'm so silly! Mom and I went to our nail place today. Mom was getting her figernails filled. Mine didn't need it, but I got my toes done. I'm not talking a pedicure, I'm talkin fake toenails with cute french manicure with diamonds! If I knew how to make the pics on here a normal size, I'd take a pic of them. But since I don't, I won't. Diva can see them on Thursday. Now I look like I have girl feet. I had to walk around Wal-Mart in those throw away flip flops! Geez, people looked at me like I was crazy since it was pouring down rain and freezing! Me and my throw away flip flops!! HEHE!

I bought the paint for my stairwell today. I'm also going to paint the dining room the same color. Mark will just shit. I have a huge china hutch that is a broyhill. Just in case you don't know broyhill, makes their stuff as heavy as it possible can! So, I'll probably have to empty the entire thing and then still have a crane to move it. geez.........looks nice though!

I'm getting my hair cut off tomorrow. Yippee!! It'll be cute. Can't wait...can't stand the hair anymore!

Happy Birthday to my mom. Today she is 54. Even though dad has her convinced she's 55. First thing to go is the memory.

Don't really know of anything else that's going on. My life is so exciting! I know everyone will be lining up to read my blog huh??????? Don't get to excited peeps!

more excitment later!

Posted by magnetladyok at 5:43 PM EST
Saturday, 19 March 2005
I'm back!!!!!!
Mood:  chillin'
Wow, what a week. We have one day left of spring break. Good grief what shall I do on summer vaca??? I can't really complain alot. My kids have been good.

On Friday (the 11th), I told the kids if they would help clean the house, we would be able to have a fun week. They were agreeable, but not until I bribed them with $5.00 each. So, by Friday evening, my house was spotless. Including their rooms. If their rooms are can bet my whole house is. By Saturday around noon, it was a mess again. What is it about this house? I just can't keep it clean. Could it be we live on the lake and everytime we have a cook-out, it's at my house? Could it be it's alot bigger than my other house in Neosho? Could it be it's two stories and I hate stairs? The mystery remains.

We've gone to the movies two times. Tomorrow after church we're going to the Jenks aquarium. I'm excited about that! Should be fun. But the best part about this week? I painted my living room. I went to Lowe's yesterday at 1:00 and by 4 I was painting. By 6 it was finished. And guess what? It looks GREAT! I am so pleased with it. Not like when we lived in Afton and I wanted to sponge paint my bedroom with a really cool burgandy color. It ended up fushia. That's what we get for buying Wal-Mart paint. Never again! Anyhoo, the color is Coffee. We've still got to put the crown molding up and paint the trim, but it still looks good.

Tonight we celebrated my mom's birthday and Mark's birthday. Mark's isn't until next Saturday but his parents are coming in to take us out for dinner, so we celebrated with my fam-damily tonight. He got the entire first season of....get this......Macgyver. He loves it. geez. The guy had his hair cut like Macgyver in high school. A mullet with a side spike. HMMMMMMMM...wonder if my sister and Mark had the same do in school.

I got Mark an awesome present. My great aunt and uncle sold their house about a year ago and moved into 9 tribes. (retirement apartments/cracker box) Well, dad ended up with lots of his stuff in his garage. One of those things being a craftsman tool box. One of the upright, double-decker ones. I had been wanting to get Mark one for a long time, but never had. So I asked my uncle about it. He said he'd sell it to me for $200.00. What's the great deal you ask???? IT'S FULL OF TOOLS. I mean Full! Mark about died when I gave it to him! He said if he had to guess, he'd say it had about $3500.00 worth of tools in it. Yeah Magnet Lady! *pats self on back*

Well, I gotta get to bed. church comes early!!!!! More tomorrow!

Posted by magnetladyok at 11:29 PM EST
Wednesday, 9 March 2005
Just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo
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Tonight my kids are getting babtized. Or as MaKayla would say "bab-i-tized". I know I'll bawl my eyes out. Terry came to me the other day and was asking about it and then Mackie was asking so we sat down and had a talk. Terry agreed that it was time for him to do it. MaKayla's response was "Momma, if your goin' to heaven, so am I". So, we decided she was ready also. They are both excited. Terry jumped out of bed this morning and said "Welp, today is our big day!!!" He's so sweet!

My taxes will be mailed Friday. YIPPEE! I can feel a shopping trip coming on! I've already ordered Mark 5 new Sheriff shirts for work. They won't be in until next Friday so it should be perfect timing. The kids are getting new cloths also. Mackie really doesn't need any (kid has more cloths than Mark, me and Terry together!) but bless her heart, that just wouldn't be fair! I'm getting new cloths too. I just can't wait! I love to shop. But the best part is, we're buying the new floor for my upstairs bathroom. We have carpet right now, and carpet and kids do not go together. Not in a bathroom anyway. We're going to finish the bathroom, where my husband decided to "surprise" me and rip the closet out. We have to put some new sheet rock up, then I'll have to paper and get the linen closet finished. I love projects like that. There's such satisfaction in stepping back when your finished and going "Bob Vila, eat your heart out!"

Posted by magnetladyok at 10:46 AM EST
Tuesday, 8 March 2005
I think it's funny how my kids look like a color book page in that picture. It's so huge! But you can kinda see what they look like.

Posted by magnetladyok at 1:33 PM EST
Oh my achin legs!
Mood:  bright
My neighbor and I went for a walk today. We walked a mile if not more. All the way to the highway. I'm going to measure it when I go out next. And it's all hill. She's really skinny and she kept saying she was out of breath. But she could still talk. I on the other hand was having a hard time. I was pretending it wasn't a big deal, but man was my chest burning! Could be the 55 lbs. of boobs I carry around everyday that was making my chest burn, but who knows.

My Durango is fixed. Ya know, my husband got in there and the pump was fine, but there was so much "sludge" it was clogged up with, the pump wasn't getting any oil at all. He went ahead and put the new pump in though, just in case. He kept saying, "are you excited that your Durango is fixed?" I was until he announced he was driving it to work. GGGRRRRR. That thing burns gas and he wants to drive it everyday. I just want my Durango back. I love my durango (now that it's fixed) and I want to drive it. I love my car too, but it's nice to drive something that has been sitting forever! Like getting a new car.

Well, gotta go drive my car to the bank. Later!

Posted by magnetladyok at 1:31 PM EST
Friday, 4 March 2005
a picture for magnet lady
This is Diva, attempting to post another, not so enormous, picture of Magnet Lady's kiddos.

I think it's still going to be huge, but maybe not quite as huge as the last one. Sorry, girl! I tried!

Posted by magnetladyok at 11:33 PM EST
Thursday, 3 March 2005

Okay so it's huge. Any suggestions how to get my pics smaller---Filegirl, Diva------ANYONE? I got this out of the clipart. I'm leaving it, even though it's huge........just cause it's pretty!

Posted by magnetladyok at 9:16 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 3 March 2005 9:18 PM EST
Just a Test
Now Playing: Austin Powers

Okay I'm testing this pic out to see if I can get a normal size.

Posted by magnetladyok at 9:13 PM EST

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